Done Deals

Below are a few examples of the many transactions we have completed over the years. Each of our clients is different with different needs and requests when it comes to their dream house. We strive to satisfy each clients requests when locating their dream house selections. Again below are just a few examples.

Deal – 088201187A

Mike and Lisa Gentry were self employed work from home individuals doing very well in their numerous businesses. Their credit was not so good and they could not come close to qualifying for a jumbo loan to buy a luxury or even very nice home. They were renting at the time they came to us and within 4 months they were home owners and living their dream in their dream house with a private pool on the golf course in a gated community.

Deal – 12032008AK

Hans Reinhardt had only been living in the USA for 30 months when he came to us from a client referral. We found Mr. Reinhardt a very nice home close to the international airport (he was a computer programmer) due to the fact he requested his dream home be close to a specific airport because his job required a lot of travel. After three years on the new job living in the USA Mr. Reinhardt now qualified for a jumbo mortgage and he requested us to find him a larger and nicer home as he was now married with one child. Not only did we find Mr. Reinhardt his new dream home but we also sold his first home with 100% seller financing and he now receives monthly income from that sale for three years.

Deal – 05012007UU

N. Davis was a retired NFL football payer downsizing from a very large luxury home to a more reasonably priced and smaller square footage residence. Mr. Davis liked to stay active as well as golf and we located his new dream home just as he requested and the sale price was less than he originally was seeking. He has since brought several of his old teammates to us to help them get into a luxury home with 100% financing and each one has been very happy.

Deal – 10292009MN7

Mike H. was looking to purchase a small income producing property. He could not qualify for a traditional commercial financing loan and we found him a very nice commercial property with 100% owner financing that also provided Mike with a significant monthly income. Mike did some good work improving and filling up the property with tenets and was very very satisfied last time we spoke.

Deal – 1128201431B

Jeff and Lynda Jones were a married couple with 4 young children. They came to us and requested us to find them their large dream home in a much safer community they were currently living in. They also could not qualify for a jumbo loan and had filed a bankruptcy 4 years ago. Well we found them their dream home with 100% owner financing after visiting 4 different homes. Their closing went fine as usual and their entire family is much happier in their new dream home.

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