Flow of a Deal

Our process of locating a 100% owner financed property is the same for all types of properties we located for our clients. Below is a sample flow of how a typical transaction works for a typical client of ours. We are always open to modifying this process for your specific needs if your request makes sense for all parties.

Day 1 – prospective client fills out simple guideline “START HERE” form  on website

Day 3 to 5 – prospective client receives report back from the initial form they submitted. The report contains enough data for them to make a decision to move forward or not.

Day 6 to 14 – This is the time period the prospective client has to move forward and have us begin locating their dream home with owner financing by paying our fee typically $5000).

Day 15 to 180 – We locate your dream home with seller financing acceptable to you. Rarely do we show clients more than 2-5 homes before they choose their dream home. Closing typically takes place within 10 days after you select your dream home. Typically no real estate commission is paid on the sale and you receive title to and become owners of the property at closing.

Day 181 – If we have not become successful in locating your dream home, your $5000 is refunded to you in full on the 181st day.

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Costs Associated with a Typical Transaction

Client pays our fee ————————————————–         $5000

Your Dream Home is located.
The selling Price is $1.2 million.
As a Client you are qualified for financing*

Client pays down payment of 20% ——————————-     $240,000
Client monthly payments for 36 months are  ———————        $6800
Client has balloon payment due on 37 month of —————— $838,000
Client has 36 months to work on credit and other
issues to qualify for permanent loan.

* – If you receive an offer to move forward in the free report we send you on Day
3 to 5 (see above) then you are automatically qualified for financing.

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